Appliance Manuals & Operating Instructions

Please use the below links for information and instructions on the operation of the appliances in your apartment:

Bosch SMU50E05AU

Bosch HBA13B150A

Ceramic – Bosch PKE645C17A
Induction – Bosch PIE651F17E

Home Appliances IAG RSFR8S

Air Conditioners
Living – Samsung NJ050DHXEA
Bedrooms – Samsung NJ020DHXEA
Compressor 1 bed – Samsung RJ060F3HXEA
Compressor 2/3 bed – Samsung RJ080F4HXEA
Samsung A/C – Product Warranty

Hot Water System
1 and 2 Bedrooms – Rheem 191080R7
3 Bedrooms – Rheem 191125R7

Clothes Dryer
Fisher & Paykel DE40F56A2

Laundry Sink
Milena MTC-35MSL/R